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Today I'm going to talk about the different drawing programs I used/seen and why I chose SAI.

Quick warning, I am still a noob at many of them and I've only used a small amount (compared to the number there is).
Here is the list of programs I've used.
Painter 12/13 - they're pretty similar and I used them for most of my art (way before I got a DeviantArt account). I didn't make any decent art but this was the program that introduced me to digital art.
SAI - I use this most of the time in conjunction with Photoshop.
Photoshop - I mostly use this for editing and sometimes just because of the awesome community brushes!
GIMP - I used this before SAI, I was considering using it as my main painting program but the interface held me back. It was free though and inspired me to find a drawing program I did like.

I discovered "other" programs (aka not Painter) by watching speedpaints, at the time I assumed that they were all the same one and that I could never ever it for myself to use. When I started to look for an alternative to Painter payed more attention to what the programs looked like. I was mostly looking for a cheap, simple program that had decent brushes (lineart, shading, sketching, etc.) Originally I wanted to get Photoshop but is quite expensive and has a steep learning curve. Also Photoshop can be taxing on my computer :| (Blank Stare) 

Just after I got SAI I got an old version of Photoshop, I tried it but didn't really like the interlace and the flow. I use it now for editing, refinement, text, etc.

I want people to realise that just because a program isn't Photoshop or as expensive doesn't mean that it's a bad program.

I also need to prove to my dad that Photoshop is better than Illustrator for digital painting, I haven't used it so I need other people to help me.

 - Kathryn
Rainbow Heart [Free to use] 
This is just a small explanation post, sorry I don't post often, I don't do well with schedules.
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May 18, 2015
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